2018 Dyinamite Carnival in Suginosawa

2018 Dynamite carnival in Suginosawa

Dondoyki is a fire festival usually held on January, marking the end of the New year and ‘s celebrations .
People gather  last years shrine ornaments and charms,  such as good-luck  and safety  charms known at omamori as well as  wishing dolls known as durama,   and burn them in a big big bonfire . This symbolizes the spirits of last year returning home within the smoke of the fire to allow the  sprints of the coming year to start a new. 

This is the only night of the year you can do night skiing at  Suginohara ski park (!7:00~21:00).  There are then also many food and drink stalls set up as well as a firework.


Food and Drink booths  17:00~21:00
Many yummy food and drink booths gather in this area.
Seafood ramen , vegetable curry and  Sake …..etc

Tochlight ski pweformance 18:30~
local skiers will ski down from  top of Suginohara a parade of torchlight.

Dondoyaki 19:00~
the Dondoyaki fire will be lit.

Fire Works   20:00

the 100 fireworks performance will start.