Yasuzuka Candle Road

In Japan, the Yasuzuka candle road is one of the biggest events of its kind. The snow candles lining the road are made by people of the town. First, snow is packed firmly into a bucket. The bucket is then overturned and lifted away. The resulting snow mound is hollowed out and a lit candle placed inside it creating a candlelike glow.

100’000 candles are lit along a path of around 60 km. The snow candles resemble lanterns and illuminate the surrounding white scenery. The candle road leads through different landscapes and especially segments with rice terraces are must-sees. The event starts at 5 pm, so we would be happy to lead you into this magical world after a fun day of winter sports! (One of our staff members is available to bring and fetch you and guide you.)

More information: http://joetsukankonavi.jp/tomoshibi/light1/