Our aim

Our company’s name is PowPowJapan. At PowPow Japan we aim to create a fun an relaxed trip for you! We hope to offer the best of both the city experience as well as simple and direct access to ski slopes. Let us tell you why we recommend Joetsu city as the destination for your next winter trip.

If you have previously stayed in Japanese ski resorts, for example around Myoko, you may have noted that during the season the only faces you see are those of other tourists. While this has its benefits, many people we have spoken to have felt that they did not get a “Japanese experience”. Also, the restaurants and bars in the mountains get hopelessly crowed. Joetsu city is less than hour from Myoko and Itoigawa ski areas. Within the city there are many bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping areas as well as hotels. It is less crowded than other areas and perfect for an authentic “Japanese experience”, great skiing and snowboarding.

Hitting the slopes

We will check the conditions on the slopes every night beforehand and meet with customers to plan where to go the next day. Depending on snow conditions as well as the experience level of the skiers/snowboarders, we then hope to tailor a great adventure for you in the Joetsu snow area. If you are interested or want further information please check out the rest of our web page and contact us.