Itoigawa area

Charmant Hiuchi

Charmant Hiuchi

Charmant Hiuchi is located to the east of Itoigawa city and to the north west of the Myoko region of Niigata Prefecture, quite close to Japan Sea coastline. Access is only from the north. The area gets a lot of snowfall and the resort often enjoys a long season into May.

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Myoko area

1.Suginohara ski park
The greatest feature of the Suginohara ski park is it`s long run course 8.5km . It also has  wide courses,  steep slopes(Myoko area`s No.1) and good tree runs. This park can be enjoyed from advance to beginner levels.

One of it’s most amazing features is  that, on a clear day,  you can see Mt.Fuji from 190km away!!!!

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2.Mdarao/Tanguramu ski park
Mdarao is best known for it great tree runs and is highly recomeded for the more adventures snow runners.    There are so many fun  routs between these two combined ski parks that you will need more than one day to experience it all.
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3.Ikenotaira ski park

Ikenotaira is great as a family ski park or when you are with a group of friends of diffrent levels. while thr courses are not as long as the other skiparks there are many green and red line routs that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Its is also a great place for trick snowboarders and skiers as they have a trick play park course as well as Jumps of different levels scattered along the slops .   On some days they also set a bug Jump and blow up crash mat for anyone to give a go.


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4.Akakura Kanko ski park  

5.Akakura onsen Ski park    

6.Seki onasen ski park      

7.Kurohime kougen ski park